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Scott Schober and the staff of WRM management pose for a group photo at Whistler Meadow Park. Photo by David Buzzard.

For many of us, real estate is our most significant financial investment. Protecting that investment is important to all of us, whether it is our primary residence, vacation property or a rental property. WRM provides a full range of professional strata management services to ensure that the owners’ assets are secure, well maintained and financially protected for the future. That’s why so many Sea to Sky owners and investors turn to WRM Strata Management and Real Estate Services.

After 30 years in the Sea to Sky corridor, WRM continues to be the area’s most sought after local strata management company, representing more than $2 billion in real estate for thousands of satisfied homeowners. WRM has expanded the range of services provided to include a long-term rental team and a home care division for absentee owners.

Home care services include regular property inspections to meet insurance requirements, coordination of repairs or maintenance at the property, or providing access for deliveries during an owner’s absence. For those owners who have invested in rental properties, WRM can take care of leases and provide oversight of the tenant and property.

Scott Schober and Alex Hoelk have owned and managed WRM over the past dozen years. When they talk about the growth under their leadership, they give credit to their dedicated team of strata property agents, accountants, maintenance and administrative employees. Schober and Hoelk recognize the importance of creating a work environment where employees feel supported and are motivated to provide excellent service.

The WRM owners understand that careful selection of the right people for each job shows up in low turnover rates, which then translates into experienced, engaged employees delivering the high standards WRM clients have come to expect.

WRM offers clients the advantage of being a locally owned and operated company. All employees reside in the Sea to Sky corridor and are active participants in the community. The team at WRM understands the special nature of the vibrant communities in Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton contribute to the success of the region. With 35 employees, there are 35 sets of eyes in and around all strata properties that can identify and address potential or current issues.

WRM staff work proactively and as a team to protect their clients’ valuable real estate investments. With their intimate knowledge of every single property they manage, they can provide a high level of service and give property owners the peace of mind they deserve. Many property owners are local, but there are those who live in other cities or countries that rely on WRM to maintain their investment.

After 30 years in the Sea to Sky corridor, WRM continues to be the area’s most sought after local strata management company.

Schober recalls a winter storm a couple of years back, the kind that dumps snow then turns to rain, just a week before the busy Christmas season. A strata property agent was leaving a meeting at one of his Whistler properties and noticed the snow that had slid off the roof into the courtyard created a dam behind which the rainwater was rising. Realizing the wider implications of the problem, he notified the other agents and the maintenance team. With their experience, they knew which properties would have the most immediate problems and crews were dispatched that evening to address potential problems.

WRM’s owners are proud to live and work in the Sea to Sky corridor and enjoy working with their effective, productive team and thousands of property owners. Never satisfied with the status quo, WRM continues to investigate and implement strategies and technologies that enhance its overall ability to provide unparalleled strata property management and real estate services in the corridor.

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