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Dr. James McKenzie and his wife Janis of Whistler Dental in their Whistler Village office.Dr. James McKenzie and his wife Janis of Whistler Dental in their Whistler Village office. Photo by David Buzzard.

When Dr. James McKenzie talks about his career as a dentist, it is  clear that he is as passionate today as he was when he first began working with the Canadian Military over 30 years ago.

Working in the military accelerated the young dentist’s skills and knowledge and provided training in both oral surgery and emergency dentistry. “You can’t send soldiers off to conflicts with potential wisdom tooth problems!” Dr. McKenzie explained.

After serving in Calgary, Cyprus and Germany, Dr. McKenzie moved to Whistler in 1992 to open Whistler Dental. From the start, he and his wife, Janis, the practice’s Director of Operations, have been committed to building trusting, long-term relationships with their patients.

Dr. McKenzie is zealous about his work. What he loves about his practice is that he wakes up every morning and does something that he loves. His team comes to work loving what they do. This inspires them to help patients with not only their smiles and teeth, but also with more serious health problems.

Dr. McKenzie feels that, “the mouth is such an integral part of your overall body. It’s as important as your heart and your lungs because your mouth, your bite and your teeth allow you to breathe efficiently and properly. It has been proven that proper breathing can prevent a variety of other health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes and even help children diagnosed as ADHD. It ultimately effects patients overall general health.”

Whistler Dental believes in comprehensive exams, which include screening for oral cancers by the use of a Velscope, a piece of technology that uses light to detect potentially cancerous cells in the mouth. Also adults and children are screened for sleep disorder breathing including snoring, and airway dysfunction and all other dental related issues.

State of the art technology is a key priority at Whistler Dental. From the use of an Itero Imaging Machine that uses 3D scanning technology to take dental impressions, which eliminates the need for patients to endure an uncomfortable mouthful of putty, to Whistler Dentals’ cutting-edge sterilization system, to home sleep studies with a WatchPAT, the office is always reinvesting in patient care.

Dr. McKenzie’s countless hours of continuing education in a broad range of dental techniques means that the majority of patient’s treatment can take place at Whistler Dental’s village office. This way treatment is  more convenient, and  will save patients time and money.

The practice’s excellent standards in preventative care, restorative and cosmetic work have earned it a loyal local clientele. McKenzie and his experienced team are committed to delivering exceptional service that begins the second a patient walks through the door.  From fillings, surgery, dental implants and root canals to Invisalign, (a system that can straighten teeth without the need for metal braces and wires), patient comfort is key.

McKenzie also prides himself on providing full mouth reconstruction. Everyone wants a beautiful smile. People travel to Whistler just to have Dr. McKenzie give them the “smile they’ve always dreamed of.”

As parents of four and volunteer-minded Whistlerites, the McKenzies are active community members that participate in children’s sports, local school advisory committees and enjoy every opportunity to promote Whistler. Before the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, Janis created the successful “Ask Me, I’m A Local” campaign. They provide care that the community trusts and guests to the resort appreciate.

“It’s proven that if you take care of your teeth, your mouth and your breathing, you are  going to be healthier.”

Known for the gentle delivery of all of its service, Whistler Dental is the perfect choice for quality, and local family dental care.

“It’s proven that if you take care of your teeth, your mouth and your breathing, you are  going to be healthier,” Dr. McKenzie said. “We can help you get there. Our goal is to help people live longer, happier, healthier lives.”

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