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Barb Macdonald (2nd from left) owner of We Care North Vancouver with her team.

Connecting the dots for better health care


B.C.’s health care system is complex, making it challenging to navigate: what care is needed, who should provide it, and what is the best location to receive the right form of health care? It’s often during a time of crisis when many British Columbians come face-to-face with working their way through the system. Finding guidance and answering questions like these can be frustrating and add stress to what is likely already a stressful situation.

For decades, we turned to our family doctor or general practitioner, but with changes to the health care system, a GP’s time and availability isn’t always convenient, not to mention the many families unable to find a primary doctor accepting new patients. Yet, having a trusted partner can help make the complicated system easier to navigate and help with the best possible health outcomes.

For the last 20 years, Barb MacDonald, RN, and her team at We Care Home Health Services in North Vancouver have been providing quality home care services to the community. This group of dedicated individuals strive to become that point-person who helps make sense of health care together with you – whether the needs are your own or that of a loved one.


“Our focus has and always will be on providing our clients with excellent care.” Barb MacDonald


Barb understands the growing need to offer new and unique models of care in and out of the home along with more integrated teams of experts. That’s why she and her team recently announced they will join CBI Health Group as CBI Home Health North Vancouver in 2017.

“Our focus has and always will be on providing our clients with excellent care,” said Barb. “By joining the country’s largest network of integrated community health services, we can assemble interdisciplinary teams to meet our partners’ and clients’ needs. This will improve service delivery and deliver better health outcomes.”

The re-branding to CBI Home Health has given Barb an even greater sense of pride in her work. Her team will continue to provide the same services out of her North Vancouver office and will now be able to work collaboratively with a complete range of health professionals to offer care tailored to partners and clients across the country. CBI Health Group has 17 CBI Home Health offices and 46 CBI Health Centre clinics (offering client-focused physiotherapy and rehabilitation services) in British Columbia.

“I’m excited to be able to bring together the services, professionals, and resources to tackle our clients’ unique healthcare challenges,” said MacDonald. “It’s an amazing thing to be able to connect the dots for better care. Whether you have aging parents who live in another province, you are an injured worker returning home from the hospital, an expectant mother, or have a child with developmental delays; we have a network behind us that can help.”

CBI began 40 years ago with the insight that better educated patients experience better outcomes and grew to become the expert in identifying healthcare system gaps. By finding the expertise that fills those gaps, CBI improves access to quality care for individuals and organizations through a network of health care and support professionals 11,000 strong.






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