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The Walsh Restoration crew pose with owner Mike Walsh (top right) and manager Kuldip Kang (top left). The company’s distinctive red and white trucks may identify Walsh Restoration, but their reputation for getting things done is their true signature. Photo by David Buzzard.

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of running water. You run downstairs to discover your hot water tank has failed. There’s an inch and a half of water on the floor spreading from one baseboard to the other.

If you live in the Sea to Sky corridor, your best choice is to call locally owned Walsh Restoration. Whether you live in Brackendale or up the Pemberton Valley, one of the company’s distinctive red and white trucks will be in your driveway within 27 minutes. By the time the technicians arrive your fears have diminished, thanks to a friendly and compassionate voice that answered your panicked phone call.

“You’ll never encounter voicemail when you call us,” says owner Mike Walsh. “Twenty-four hours a day we have someone ready to answer your phone call.”

More often than not, that person is working supervisor Kuldip Kang, one of Walsh Restoration’s many long-term employees. Whether dealing with flood or fire, Kang’s warm demeanor and commonsense instruction, provides clients with a sense of calm.

Kang is just one of the 15 employees that have embraced the company’s core values of kindness, compassion and excellence. From accountant Sandra Marti to flood technicians Mike Toor and Rodger Ryan, everyone in the organization understands that their business is first and foremost about people.

“Dealing with floods and fires is routine for us, but it’s not for the person who is experiencing it,” says Walsh. “We have to take feelings into consideration as much as we have to provide great restoration services.”

Founded in 2002, no one could have anticipated the event that would test the company’s mettle: the 2003 Pemberton flood. With the Rutherford Creek Bridge washed out, technicians flew into town. The company bought an additional $250,000 worth of equipment and hired 35 Pembertonians to ensure expedient service for 54 houses and townhouses that had sustained water damage.

The way the company dealt with the natural disaster earned it the reputation of being the local’s choice. Today that reputation is entrenched, partly due to how the company supports more than a dozen non-profit ventures. In fact, Walsh Restoration gives two per cent of its revenues to support various charities in Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton. Many of the organizations the company donates to provide services to youth, including Sea to Sky Youth Soccer, Young Life, Bratz Biz and the Pemberton Skate Park. The company also supports the annual Pemberton Show and Shine.

“I like the Show and Shine because I see it as an opportunity to bring people into Pemberton,” says Walsh. “I want to share our area with tourists — it’s good for the town’s economy.”

“You’ll never encounter voicemail when you call us. Twenty-four hours a day we have someone ready to answer your phone call.”

The company also helps build the local economy by providing, full-time, well-paying jobs for Sea to Sky residents with vehicles.

“Almost all our employees are locals. I tend not to hire from outside,” Walsh says. “I’d rather train local people who have the right attitude — positive, people-oriented and professional. For example, When Richard Martin walks into a home to assess an incident’s damage and prepare a quote for repairs, I know that that the homeowners will receive kind and respectful service.”

Whether dealing with the aftermath of a five-unit condo fire or five feet of water in a basement — as the company did last year — Walsh Restoration is committed to a smooth delivery of friendly, expert service.

“Ninety-three percent of our customers are locals,” says Walsh. “And we’re local. We can’t afford to be anything but hard-working, committed and compassionate.”

And when you’re ankle-deep in water, that’s exactly the kind of people you want at your door.

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