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Linda Den Duyf of Sabre Equipment and Party Rentals. Photo by David Buzzard.

Sabre Equipment and Party Rentals’ commitment to excellent service is the foundation of the company’s success.

Starting out in 1987 as a family owned and operated tool and construction equipment rental company, ten years ago they expanded the business into party and event rentals and the wedding business organically followed.

In 2010, Linda Den Duyf took over that division. Since then there’s been incredible growth in that aspect of the business. The popularity of the Pemberton Valley as a destination for weddings has seen incredible growth as well.

Den Duyf has had to adapt quickly and aggressively to keep up with the demands of this sudden popularity. Her business degree has enabled her to oversee the logistics of the operations but her love for hard-work and hands-on approach has given her the benefit of connecting with the owners and operators of venues and other small businesses in the Sea to Sky corridor.

“When it comes to weddings, Pemberton is where it’s at,” says Den Duyf.

She estimates that the number of weddings in the stunning mountain town 30 minutes north of Whistler has quadrupled every year since she began managing the department. Word-of-mouth advertising has played a huge part, but Internet-age technology has really enabled her and her team to streamline the rental process and make the best use of their expansive Whistler-based facility.

During this technological upgrade and recent expansion of inventory they were able to create a complete shopping experience right on their webpage. “Customers can find everything online and browse through the entire inventory,” Den Duyf said. “A bride will call me and start with, ‘I was just at my friends’ wedding, it was in a barn. I want to do that.’ We can do that. We’ll make your dream wedding a reality.”

Sabre Equipment and Party Rentals also have local connections, which can be especially valuable for couples from outside the corridor planning to wed here. Den Duyf says that, “we can find the right wedding planners who are familiar with the area’s venues and excellent caterers who know these venues as well.”

Aside from décor, the company prides itself on offering clients everything they need for their big day. They have experience transforming the Sea to Sky corridor’s varied venues —ranging from a Whistler hotel ballroom to a Pemberton farmer’s field and everything in between — into a dream wedding.

“A bride will call me and start with, ‘I was just at my friends’ wedding, it was in a barn. I want to do that.’ We can do that. We’ll make your dream wedding a reality.”

Size doesn’t matter. Every event is handled with the care and attention people have come to expect from Sabre Rentals. Den Duyf ensures that each of her crew has the same attention to detail as she does and everyone from management to the seasonal high school student share in tending to the tiniest of cleaning details.

“It’s a small crew and we do everything together,” says Den Duyf. “You’ll see us hit the road at seven in the morning, and we don’t stop until seven or eight at night. We don’t leave the site until everything is right.”

The world of social media is upon us, Den Duyf and her department see Twitter, Instagram, Facebook as integral vehicles to showcase Sabre Party Rentals in real time. See @SabreRentals, and #SabreParty to get in on the party.

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