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Paulo Branco, Operations Manager, Rachel Olson, Marketing Director, Keriann Harlow, Specialty Leasing Manager and Bo Gujic, Guest Services Manager of Pine Centre Mall.

Fresh Faces Leading the Buzz at Pine Centre


Pine Centre has long been the core of activity in Prince George. As far as shopping centres go, this one is dynamic and poised to continue as a hub for the region with the outstanding team that has joined General Manager, Sonya Hunt.

“These are the people who will show our community how vibrant shopping centres can be,” Sonya says.

Bozidar (Bo) Gujic, Guest Services Supervisor; Rachel Olson, Marketing Director; Paulo Branco, Operations Manager; and Keriann Harlow, Specialty Leasing Manager is the team of dedicated professionals bringing even more excitement to the community both through their passion for Pine Centre and Prince George.

“I have lived in many towns, but here in Prince George, people are genuinely interested in helping others,” says Keriann.

Keriann’s role of showcasing what Pine Centre has to offer to potential lease-holders is exciting for her because of the opportunity to create relationships while also delivering the products and services Prince George residents are looking for. It allows her to build partnerships while building the “face” of Pine Centre’s offerings.

Like Keriann, Paulo had lived in Prince George previously and found the opportunity with Pine Centre to be a great way to “come back home.”

“The opportunity to work in and manage a prominent building in our community is exciting,” Paulo, says. “Pine Centre is almost a community hall for the city. This place brings people together.”

Because many visitors to Pine Centre use the facility as a social gathering, meeting and even exercise space, Paulo knows how important it is to ensure the comfort of the facility in all aspects from temperature to janitorial services and safety. Having grown up in the community, Paulo is focused on providing that place for togetherness – no matter what the season – so that people continue to feel welcome and retail opportunities continue to thrive.


“Pine Centre is almost a community hall for the city. This place brings people together, it creates community.” Paulo Branco

Another individual heavily involved in looking out for visitor experiences is Bo. With his background in the hospitality industry, Bo is creating a new, fresh and exciting Guest Service Centre and has already spent time with more than 2,000 guests to discuss their impressions of the facility.

“This is a very exciting time for Pine Centre,” says Bo. “I am fortunate to work with an incredibly passionate and dynamic team with a clear and solid vision for the future – there are some exciting new developments in the works!”

Rachel is responsible for communicating that growing excitement to Prince George and surrounding communities.

“We are the only enclosed shopping centre in Northern B.C.,” Rachel says. “And here you have the best of both worlds – the outdoors and the shopping centre at your door step.”

Throughout the year, Rachel also works with local community groups to help them raise funds for activities to benefit the region and its residents. She notes that the diversity of Prince George is definitely part of the excitement felt within the shopping centre.

Keep watch for the exciting changes and activities planned at Pine Centre that will make your shopping experience even better.











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