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Bill Dick, Owner, Phoenix Truck & Crane

Service and Safety are Key


From its humble beginnings operating out of a Coquitlam townhouse with just a few trucks, Bill Dick has spent the last 25 years building the Lower Mainland’s leading same-day delivery company and premier crane service. Phoenix’s fleet is now 150-strong and comprised of cube-vans, flat decks, curtain sides and cranes of various sizes and capabilities. All working hard to move freight throughout the lower mainland in a timely manner.

“I operated out of my townhouse for a couple of months before I moved it all to a 700 square foot office where it was just me and a few trucks,” said Dick of the birth of Phoenix Truck & Crane, now based on Rogers Avenue.” By the end of that first year, Bill had amassed a fleet of 20 vehicles.

“After that, well I guess we were just in the right place at the right time. Everyone wanted to be the cheapest, offering discounts, while we operated at the full rate. We were all about quality of service and safety over price and we remain that way today.”


“The dedication of our team during the preparation for COR has made me nothing but prouder and confirmed that I have surrounded myself with exceptional people” Bill Dick


Year on year growth continued with fleet and client expansion. Establishing partners in the roofing, heating and plumbing and film industries solidified Phoenix as a reliable and safe choice when it comes to transporting goods throughout the lower mainland. Safety has always been a priority to Bill and the company proved that in 2016 when Phoenix Truck & Crane earned their certificate of recognition (COR). COR is a voluntary program that recognizes and rewards employers who go beyond the legal requirements of the Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation. Phoenix’s commitment to health & safety goes well beyond the office. They have taken responsibility to train their 150+ owner operators. Phoenix is now spearheading a new method of delivering safety certification for owner operators.

“Drivers built this company and we owe it to them to take every measure possible to send them back home safely every day” says Bill “The dedication of our team during the preparation for COR has made me nothing but prouder and confirmed that I have surrounded myself with exceptional people.”

The success of achieving COR, as well as sustaining and growing a company for 25 years, comes down to the team Bill has built. Service for our customers and their clients is key. You can bring in as much business as you want, but if you can’t control the movement, then it’s all for nothing.”

All of the 50-strong staff at Phoenix play important roles in its success and are invaluable to help sustain and grow the company in today’s economy. The operators delivering product, the dispatch team managing the flow of products, the sales staff who provide full service project management, and the office staff who ensure their customers’ needs are met. Many of them have been with the company for the 20+ years – an indication of how well Phoenix treats its biggest asset, people.

It’s that focus on people that compels Bill and his Phoenix Truck & Crane team to continually give back to the community.Year after year, local charities and causes such as the Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation and Cystic Fibrosis, benefit from Phoenix’s generosity. And in 2016, when Syrian refugees began arriving in the Tri Cities, there was an immediate need to help with their integration into the community. Phoenix provided a BBQ lunch to celebrate Eid al-Fitr and hired one of the new Syrian-Canadians. “We are all about people and giving back is something I feel very strongly about,” said Dick.





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