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Graham Murphy in front of Murphy Construction’s recently completed renovation of the Carleton Lodge. Photo by David Buzzard.

With its diverse commercial and residential project portfolio and committed staff, Murphy Construction brings both value and values to its work.

“The level of skill and talent the Sea to Sky area attracts is amazing. We employ local staff, suppliers and subcontractors wherever possible, and there’s a lot of expertise that’s under the radar in this sector,” says owner Graham Murphy.

Living in an area rich with management professionals and craftsmen has made it possible for Murphy to assemble a 40-member team that’s both experienced and diverse. The knowledge and enthusiasm the men and women at Murphy Construction bring to their work has allowed the company to successfully take on large-scale residential and commercial projects and be competitive in the regional, national and international markets.

When adding to the team, the most important thing Murphy looks for are people with the right attitude, people who believe in the values of professionalism, integrity and accountability. “Skills can be taught but qualities, morals and ethics cannot,” he says.

Adhering to those values has paid off. The Pemberton-based company first attracted outside attention during the 2010 Olympics for its work building 85 homes in Whistler’s Athletes’ Village. The $28-million project set the stage for what has been an impressive period of growth for the company.

“Based on our successes to date, and ongoing relationships with our blue chip clients who are respected leaders in their industries, we have been able to establish long-term business plans,” he says.

In 2013, the company implemented a five-year strategic plan. Two years later, the growth and financial goals of the company have been met through structured professional development. The most obvious markers of the plan’s success are the projects the company has undertaken since its implementation.

Among the projects that have and will take Murphy Construction through 2014 – 2015, is a $5-million building envelope restoration for Whistler’s iconic Carleton Lodge. That project had the extra challenge of providing full window and siding removal, roofing and patio replacement while allowing the building’s commercial spaces to remain open for business. Other projects like the  $5-million update of the Rendezvous Lodge on Blackcomb Mountain that will optimize the 27,000 sq. ft. facility’s overall function and a new 8,400 sq. ft. staff housing development at the renowned Tyax Wilderness Resort and Spa. Both projects are currently in the pre-construction and value-engineering phase. Murphy Construction has also entered an innovative construction partnership with the Lil’wat Nation.

The quality of Murphy Construction’s work has also caught the attention of international hospitality companies like the Starwood hotel chain. After completing a major renovation for the Westin Whistler, Starwood awarded the company the contract for redesigning the Current’s Restaurant and Dining Room of the Westin Bayshore in Vancouver, a job that requires extensive exterior, as well as interior, updating. Landing an $830,000 contract that includes both interior and exterior renovations with the luxury hotel chain’s flagship Canadian hotel is, to Murphy, further testament to his staff’s skill level.

The foundation of the Murphy team is based on the belief in the systems and processes that allows them to offer exceptional value to its clients.

“We look at the project holistically, not as something with a beginning, middle and an end,” Murphy says. “We want what we do to make sense to the client. The only measure of success is against ourselves and client expectation.”

“It’s not important for me to get my stamp on a project, it’s about fulfilling the client’s needs.”

What a client can expect when working with Murphy Construction is consistent, enduring communication and accountability. That accountability is evident in how the company carefully manages both risk and the construction process for its clients. And that process always starts with a conversation.

“When we start a project we’ll ask clients, ‘What’s important to you? What are your end goals?” says Murphy. “It’s not important for me to get my stamp on a project, it’s about fulfilling the client’s needs.”

As the company moves into a new phase of its development, it’s gaining recognition at major industry trade shows like Buildex and adding iconic projects to its portfolio.  With an eye to many more exciting new projects, Murphy couldn’t be happier.

“I’m starting to see what we can really do,” says Murphy.

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