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Moly-Cop Canada grinding balls ready for delivery to the mines.

Companies that are successful in the mining industry know they have to keep one eye on their current situation and another on the future. Moly-Cop, the largest supplier of grinding balls and grinding rods in the world, is doing just that. The company, which in September will enter its 30th year in business, is working on doubling its capacity while still providing the high level of customer service its reputation is built on.

Part of the company’s success is their extensive international manufacturing network, with facility locations chosen based on their proximity to mining sites. This includes the Moly-Cop manufacturing plant in Kamloops, which provides grinding balls to mines across Canada, eastern Russia and Alaska, and allows the company to be flexible and efficient in responding to customers with assured backup from the Kansas City, USA and El Salto, Mexico plants if needed.

“We are positioned close to mining communities around the world,” says Maurice Hindle, marketing and sales manager of Moly-Cop Canada. “This allows us to meet the requirements of our customers. If you’re close to your customer, you can reduce their costs and respond more quickly to their needs.”

While remaining focused on its customers, Moly-Cop is also investing in the future, taking steps to expand product capability and production. Those steps include expansions or improvements at facilities
in Kamloops, Kansas City, Indonesia and Peru.

Moly-Cop’s expanded facility in Kamloops will focus on best practices and best technologies for forging and heat treatment, to enhance the performance aspect of the company’s grinding balls and grinding rods.

“Our commitment is certainly to be in a position to support the future market, but we have demonstrated over three decades that we look after our current customers,” Hindle says. “That’s equally important to us.”

As Moly-Cop grows, it maintains its focus on environmentally sustainable practices. Water that leaves the Kamloops facility does so through evaporation or irrigation, not through the South Thompson River. Meanwhile, scrap steel from the production process is sent back to the supplier or to recyclers. In addition the scale (iron oxide) produced as a byproduct in the heating of the steel bars from which the balls are made, is sent to a cement plant preventing it from winding up as landfill.

Moly-Cop is not only committed to the environment, it’s also dedicated to workplace safety.

“Safety is a core value,” Hindle says. “We’re focused on zero harm. Working safely is a condition of employment with us. We want our employees to arrive healthy and leave healthy. We want them to take home what they learn here so they can enjoy life at home without injury as well.”

“Our commitment is certainly to be in a position to support the future market, but we have demonstrated over three decades that we look after our current customers.”

Employees also give back to the community, enhancing the company’s solid connection with the local area. Moly-Cop employees volunteer with a variety of organizations, including the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce, First Aid and local Search and Rescue organizations. Moly-Cop also donates money to the United Way, Royal Inland Hospital and many other worthy causes.

“Our emphasis in on building now for future demand,” Hindle says. “We’re putting a lot of effort and resources into growth to support future mining activity. It’s a risk but we feel it’s worth it.”

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