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Val and Brian Marsh, Owners of Mainline Plumbing & Heating, at their office in Prince George.

Day or night you can count on Mainline


It’s a typical Prince George winter story. You feel a chilling loneliness, starting at the faucet with its mouth open as wide as yours, and nothing comes out of either one.

Your eyes look out the window at the cold wind blowing the snow down the dark street. You know those icy fingers are wrapped around the throat of the pipes in your house.

You look at the clock. It’s 3am.

You look at the breath coming from your mouth, as the air is bone chilling in your home.

There is no 911 to call for this kind of thing but there is 250-564-9808.

You dial.

Someone answers. You tell them the situation. The voice assures you there is help on the way. You realize you were probably loud and stressed on the phone but the dispatcher got you back on track. The professionals are Mainline Plumbing & Heating were on the case immediately and on their way over to you right that minute.

No matter how long it took, no matter how challenging the problem, they’d get it right for you.

When you ask them, pulse racing, how much this was all going to cost, the reasonable estimate was one more warm blanket Mainline wrapped around you that night.


“We have to have a team that’s as high-quality as the products and services we offer.” Brian Marsh


Mainline Plumbing & Heating has met thousands of Prince George people in moments like this. Things freeze, things plug, things break, sometimes the reason doesn’t seem clear at all, but the inner workings of a building’s circulatory system are what these technicians are trained for and experienced 24/7.

For Brian and Val Marsh, the owners of Mainline in Prince George, this is one of the most exciting cities in Canada to do this kind of work. It’s an affordable place to buy a home, invest in a business, get your profession well underway and family.

This kind of community profile means, Brian and Val have a full spectrum of residential and commercial calls to attend to. From elders to young families, in four distinct seasons, the Mainline team is on speed-dial.

For homeowners and business startups, the Mainline team gets next-level questions to answer. They have established themselves to say yes to people wanting on-demand hot water systems, cutting edge fireplaces, pellet grills, furnaces built for our cold winters and our modern times.

“We have to have a team that’s as high quality as the products and services we offer,”said Brian. “the people who work day and night for Mainline are the best there is. We brought in the best the Prince George region has, we even had to look outside of Canada to find some of our professionals, and that’s why we stand behind our work so strongly. Because our team reflects our city. When that phone rings in the middle of the night, it could be one of us in need. If we hire someone that moves here to work for us, we are going to make sure we have the products and services that make that investment a permanent one in Prince George. That’s what we do for our people, so that’s what we do for everyone.”

Mainline Plumbing & Heating is focused, all day and all night, on the healthy inner workings of our homes, our businesses, our community. Visit their website and their Facebook page to see photos, videos and stories about their volunteer efforts, their philanthropy, and the work their whole team is so proud of. Making Prince George flow is their main line.




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