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Dr. Robert Elliott of Lo Elliott Orthodontics Prince George.

A Family Focused on Great Smiles


When Dr. Francine Lo’s father (Dr. Frank Lo) was an orthodontist he was part of the team that established the Lakewood Dental Centre. Dr. Francine saw the pride her dad took in his job and the importance he placed on both his business and the smiles of his patients. It rubbed off on her as she now works with her husband in her father’s former practice.

“It’s been a wonderful experience. Dad was very progressive, He taught us so much about running a business,” she says. “We were so fortunate to have him as a mentor. I don’t think many other orthodontists have the opportunity for a mentor like that.”

Her dad stayed involved up until his retirement, even coming out of retirement briefly to help when Dr. Francine was on maternity leave.

She met her husband Robert Elliott at university, he graduated before her and got involved in the family practice first. Then, after a brief stint as a general dentist, Dr. Francine realized she was meant to do orthodontics and also joined.

Many things have changed in the field over the years as Dr. Francine explains.

“Times have changed. Even 10 years ago it wasn’t as acceptable for adults to have braces, now a quarter of our patients are adults and it’s growing,” she says. “More adults can afford it and may have been unhappy with their smile or how they are biting.”

The majority of Dr. Francine and Dr. Robert’s patients go with the standard fixed braces, but even these have changed over time. Gone are the days of “metal mouth”, now the brackets are porcelain and more tooth colour, to blend in with the teeth more. Even the wires can be white to reduce visibility.

“We have three scholarships we offer to high-school students who are former patients,” Dr. Francine Lo

“The little ties that wrap around the brackets come in all sorts of colours, so the kids like that they can pick these,” Dr. Francine says. “They can change them every six to eight weeks and match the holidays or a sports team.”

Some patients, with mild issues, can take advantage of the Invisalign products, or may be able to use a combination of Invisalign with the brackets.

“There’s a lot of different options for people,” Dr. Francine says.

There’s also flexibility for Dr. Francine and Dr. Robert in that they share time with their kids and time at work.

“We share everything, it’s a great trade-off,” she said.

The couple also spends time being part of their community. Dr. Francine was born and raised in Prince George so it’s important to her that they give back.

“We have three scholarships we offer to high-school students who are former patients,” she notes. “We also support sports teams, music, dance and other forms of the arts.”

The team at Lo Elliot are involved with the Cure for Cancer so put on in-office events to keep things fun and exciting. Life at this office is always interesting and the ideal place to have orthodontic work done.






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