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Dave Kim, Founder of Kim Forest Management, who not only plays an important role in the forestry sector but also as a key member of the community.

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As a highly-qualified team of natural resource professionals, Kim Forest Management (KFM) has the expertise needed to assess, manage and complete forest management and forestry operation projects by working hand-in-hand with clients throughout the entire process. Owner, Dave Kim knew from an early age that he wanted to work in the forestry industry making it natural for him to establish in Prince George and start KFM 20 years ago.

“We do operational work for our clients. We’ll discuss an area that is targeted for harvesting, visit the location to do reconnaissance, analyze our findings then report back to the client,” Dave says.

If the project is to proceed, KFM will mark out logging roads and boundaries, provide ecological assessments including any streams and will make suggestions on responsible harvest methods to reduce environmental impacts. Post-harvest, the team will go back to the site to check on re-forestation.

“While some clients need us for only certain things for their project, there are others, like a few of our First Nations partners that we will work with end-to-end,” notes Dave. “We go a bit deeper and can manage their rights to harvest, create plans, explore business opportunities and advise on other forestry matters.”

In the cases of clients looking for an end-to-end relationship, KFM can even arrange harvesting contractors and planters to ensure management of the complete project while working closely with the client.

“While some clients need us for only certain things for their project, there are some, like a few of our First Nations partners that we will work with end-to-end.”” Dave Kim

“When I was a summer student, I came through Prince George as a tree planter,” Dave says. “Then when I graduated from the University of Toronto, I came to Prince George as a bit of a springboard into British Columbia, but the community got its hooks in me. It’s a great place to raise a family. We love it here.”

Because of Dave’s passion for the community, for the last 15 years, KFM has contributed to a unique fundraiser with the Saint Vincent de Paul Society. Throughout the year employees make donations and the company matches them, then at Christmas the funds buy bacon, eggs, sausage, Mandarin oranges, candy canes and more. The staff cook up the meal and share it with the less fortunate at the Saint Vincent de Paul soup kitchen.

“It’s definitely an event we all look forward to here,” he says. “We don’t want to just give money and wash our hands of it. This works really well for us.”

The KFM team is a strong one that recognizes the importance of their role in the forestry industry. With excellent products and services, they help clients move forward in their plans while ensuring sustainable harvesting and regeneration.

“Our clients are long term clients,” notes Dave. “We enjoy working with corporations and First Nations partners and have built up some great relationships.”

For forestry expertise in a team passionate about the industry look to Kim Forest Management.










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