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Founded less than two years ago, FL/P Digital has already been nominated for the 2015 Platinum Awards — Creative Innovator of the Year by New Westminster Chamber of Commerce.

FL/P Digital is an online marketing agency that specializes in user acquisition — simply put, they drive qualified traffic to clients’ websites and ensure those visitors turn into leads.

The agency has built a reputation for going above and beyond client expectations by delivering premium quality web designs, ROI-centric reporting and high-level strategy consulting.

“Our team works closely with our clients to build a strong user acquisition strategy, that is customer centric, yet true to their brand,” says Mark Joseph, FL/P Digital’s senior director of brand and marketing.

One of FL/P Digital’s clients, Douglas College, wanted to gain exposure to their Applied Psychology program, but wanted to make sure their visits were qualified candidates that expressed a strong interest in their program.

FL/P Digital’s Sr. Marketing Director, Mark Joseph, and Douglas College’s Digital Marketing Specialist, Sajeda Virji, collaborated and put together a sequential video series making use of YouTube advertising, Google Display and Remarketing. They used three video testimonials that showed an Applied Psychology alumni student sharing their experience at Douglas College.

They ran a YouTube in-stream campaign that included geographic, demographic and behavioural targeting to push out the first of three videos. This was run on a cost-per-view model so that we only paid for users that actually viewed the entire video, and not the ones who skipped.

FL/P Digital then created a Remarketing list that captured only the users who had viewed the entire first video, and only these users were qualified to be served the second part of the video series. Subsequently, the third video was only served to users who watched the entire second video. The users who had watched all three parts of the video were then given the option to click over to the Applied Psychology landing page to fill out a form for more information, or were served a display ad to come and revisit the page to sign up at a later time.

The result: The campaign delivered a highly niche audience who were genuinely interested in learning more about the program and therefore delivered a much higher conversion rate. Additionally, Douglas College and the Applied Psychology program gained brand exposure throughout the community to reach their target audience.

Businesses today need to be found where their customers are searching, not just at the bottom of the funnel, but throughout the entire customer journey. Whether its blog creation and content marketing for the research stage, paid search and referral traffic for the competitive analysis stage or direct and organic for the bottom of the funnel, this is where FL/P Digital excels.

“An online presence used to be the icing on the cake in marketing… now it is the cake,” adds Joseph. FL/P Digital’s growth and phenomenal success in such a short period of time is testament to its high level of service, expert analysts and web designers.

“We have truly hired the crème de la crème in the online marketing space,” says Joseph.

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