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Finning Canada showcasing its range of Caterpillar machines outside its 15 acre full service campus in Prince George.

Local Caterpillar Dealer with World-wide Support


The Prince George Finning branch was established back in 1949 with a focus on servicing the unique resource needs of the north. It isn’t just the excellent selection that makes the dealer an indispensable part of the community, it’s also the standard the company has stood by since its beginning in 1933 – they service what they sell.

Finning sells, rents, and leases the industry’s largest selection of equipment, over 300 different models. Cat products are the, highest quality, most reliable equipment backed by the best parts and service support in the business.

Pat McGuire, Product and Services Sales Manager for Prince George’s Finning Canada notes that purchasing the equipment is just the beginning.

“Once you buy our product, that’s when the relationship really starts. Wework with you to provide the after-sales support you need through the life-cycle of your equipment,” he says.

The 15 acre site employs approximately 140 people, making it a significant employer in the community and one that believes working in the north shouldn’t be a detriment to keeping equipment running optimally every day. Numerous buildings on site house The Cat Rental Store, new equipment prep, machine overhaul, hydraulic cylinder rebuild and machining shop, parts warehouse, customer service repair shop, powertrain component rebuild shop, welding and fabrication shop, parts department, sales department and a fleet of mobile field service trucks. It’s a full-service operation that ensures the needs of your Cat equipment can be taken care of quickly, locally and with expertise.

“That’s how we consider our customers. This is about relationships built around quality equipment that holds its value.” Pat McGuire

Not only can technicians take care of your every need, products are available on site. That’s the benefit of the 15 acre full service campus. They sell and repair the full spectrum of equipment from a mini excavator that can be driven through the a building doorway to a mining shovel with an 80-yard bucket. – Big or small they handle it all.

“We’re a huge supplier to the industry,” notes Pat. “You will see our product at construction sites, mines, pulp mills, saw mills, logging in the bush and even digging basements for new home builds.” “We are trusted partners in transforming our customer’s performance and business.”

Finning was built on the forestry industry when they began in 1933. Obviously being part of the north, forestry is still a big part of their business. It’s created numerous long-term relationships; some customers are now second and even third generation.

“We’re dealing with friends and family,” says Pat. “That’s how we consider our customers. This is about relationships built around quality equipment that holds its value.”

Cat equipment is far more affordable than one might think. Resale, rebuild options, productivity and reliability allow for significant long-term value that far outweighs the initial purchase price. The purchaseprice is a small investment when you consider the overall value.

Plus safety is huge for the company.

“Safety is our number one core value,” notes Pat. “It influences everything we do.

Finning’s involvement in the community goes beyond what they sell and service. They are a big supporter of the Spirit of the North Health Care Foundation, the Festival of Trees and numerous other charities. Finning was also the official equipment supplier for the 2015 Canada Winter Games which left numerous legacies for the community.

Think you know Finning? Get to know this business from all aspects by visiting the Prince George campus.









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