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For patients seeking prompt, professional treatment and additional options for care, False Creek Healthcare Centre provides a much-needed alternative.

Deeply rooted in the most advanced medical technology available today, False Creek Healthcare is a state-of-the-art, multi-disciplinary facility structured with an unwavering commitment to patient-centered care. They provide high-quality service to individuals and families seeking to improve and achieve their optimal health and well-being. At its core, False Creek Healthcare works to detect and prevent disease early, when it’s more easily managed and treated.

Within a world-class 25,000-squarefoot facility, patients are greeted with an environment with a sense of serenity where they are welcomed with genuine warmth, both from the space aesthetics and the highly-skilled surgeons, physicians and medical support team. A team of over 100 physicians and surgeons with privileges provides a progressive and broad-based proficiency in a wide-range of services and treatments with minimal wait times.

Established in 1996, False Creek Healthcare Centre is not your average health care provider; in fact, what sets them apart is their integrated approach to care. Multiple professional services exist under one roof, where all departments work together with a common goal — serving the needs of patients.

The facility offers surgeons, specialists and diagnostic imaging services dedicated to expedited patient care. Additionally an Urgent Care Centre, Women’s Wellness Program, Executive Health Program, and Family Practice program coexist under a cohesive umbrella. Cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures are available too with one of the largest teams of plastic surgeons in BC.

“When patients come to our Family Practice or Executive Health Programs and require a referral to a specialist or need surgery or diagnostics, we can provide that very quickly in-house,” says Lauren Fineman, medical director, Family Practice & Executive Health.

False Creek’s Urgent Care provides direct access to on-site emergency room physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of acute injuries, conditions, and illnesses. Using advanced diagnostic imaging and bedside laboratory testing, they’re able to provide rapid diagnosis and subsequent treatment options.

A comprehensive and effective Executive Health Program is designed and tailored to meet the needs of busy professionals. The program is used by many high-profile organizations, including Canucks Sports & Entertainment, an official partner. The detailed assessment includes testing and screening, a complete blood profile, cardiovascular, respiratory, and physical exams and ultrasounds if required. At the conclusion, patients receive the results coupled with a health risk appraisal and general recommendations.

“It’s important we listen to all of our patient’s concerns so we can give a more complete picture of their health…”

With a devotion to relationship building, you won’t feel like a number when you require medical attention from the Family Practice Program, because of an exceptional doctor to patient ratio, limiting the practice to just 500 families for each doctor. Family medicine is best offered with personal attention, allowing unhurried communication between you and your doctor.

“It’s important we listen to all of our patient’s concerns so we can give a more complete picture of their health rather than doing one thing at a time,” says Dr. Fineman. “Providing a good experience includes an appointment that isn’t rushed.”

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