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Excel Personnel CEO Karen Watt is proud to be the preferred recruiter to the mining industryExcel Personnel CEO Karen Watt is proud to be the preferred recruiter to the mining industry.

When your company is recruiting the right people to fill important jobs, you have to focus on relationships, and that’s exactly what Excel Personnel Inc. does. Excel Personnel, a Kamloops-based employment-recruiting firm, sources employees to fill positions in a wide range of industries, including mining.

“We started off 23 years ago and we’ve been building Excel Personnel ever since,” says Karen Watt, CEO of Excel Personnel. “We’ve gone from a one-person operation to a 10-person operation and grown substantially in the last five years by adding five additional employees and the Prince George and Kelowna branches.”

Excel Personnel sources employees for companies across British Columbia and, for national clients, across western Canada and parts of Ontario.

“We expanded in northern B.C. with the Prince George office,” Watt says. “As the mines come on board, we work with their contractors, too. We’ve probably, in this last year, placed 70 employees in mining firms.” Those employees work in any area, including core cutting, underground mining, engineering, administration and accounting.

So what’s Excel’s formula for success? No matter what position they’re recruiting for they identify and recommend employees based on the same criteria in their hiring process.

“We use the same criteria to hire a manager as we do to hire a janitor,” Watt says. “It’s tried, tested and true, and it doesn’t change. We use the same process, steps and requirements for all levels of recruitment. We search for the right-fit candidates in skills, ability, personality, dress, attitude, and availability for our clients. It’s a unique process that we’ve developed over the years and it has repeatedly proven to be a huge success.”

Even mining companies with their own human resources department turn to Excel for recruiting assistance. Often, human resources departments are busy with in-house activities, such as managing benefit plans, on-boarding staff, relocations and conducting performance appraisals. They use Excel’s expertise to source the best-fit candidates for their company or gain additional candidates while they do what they do best in hiring for other positions.

One of Excel’s core values is integrity, which is highlighted in the company’s guarantee. If a candidate quits or is released for cause before a predetermined time, Excel re-recruits the position at no additional cost. To assist the candidate and client through the transition, Excel maintains regular contact with both during the guarantee period.

“We make sure the candidate is the right fit the first time, so that we don’t have to rehire for that position.”

“We put in blood sweat and tears to make sure our client gets the right-fit candidates in front of them to interview,” Watt says. “We work days, evenings and some weekends identifying the right candidate for a client when an emergency arises. We make sure the candidate is the right fit the first time, so that we don’t have to rehire for that position and the client is able to carry on with on-boarding and making a difference within their firm.”

That dedication to clients and candidates gives Excel a vast network to pull from. Watt says they receive approximately 10,000 applications a year, and have a database of almost 40,000 resumes to mine from.

“We’ve got a wide reach,” Watt says. “It doesn’t start with processes; it’s about building relationships. Clients recognize that our integrity is the highest.”

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