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www.everylittledetail.shawbiz.caKari-Lynn Karpes and Dwayne Rolfes of Every Little Detail in Prince George.

All Things for Your Car, Including How to Drive it


One Prince George family (Kari-Lynn Karpes, husband Dwayne Rolfes and kids Marinus and Will) is dedicated to ensuring you have the best looking and driven car possible. Through their businesses: Every Little Detail and Every Little Detail Driver Training, they keep vehicles clean, durable and help you drive it whether you have a standard passenger vehicle, an RV or beyond. The kids even introduced the idea of customizing a range of items through hydro dipping as part of Every Little Detail’s offerings.

Every Little Detail specializes in automotive detailing and polishing but this company goes above and beyond in providing Super Liner box liners and Hydro Dipped Graphics.

“We provide spray on Super Liner box liners and rock guard,” says Kari-Lynn. “It’s perfect for our roads and the tough jobs here in Prince George.”

Super Liner comes in 13 stock colours or can be custom tinted to match the vehicle colour. The spray on protection is so durable that customers have had entire vehicle exteriors sprayed to make them perfect for off-road use.

“We’re incredibly passionate about doing the best job possible at a reasonable price. It’s what we stand by,” Kari-Lynn says. “It’s the reason why, when we added Hydro Dipped Graphics, we went for training. We are the only certified company north of Kelowna and our customers love the flexibility of this unique product.”

“We’re incredibly passionate about doing the best job possible at a reasonable price. It’s something we stand by.” Kari-Lynn Karpes


Hydro dipping is fairly new to Canada, but if you’ve seen a vehicle with a decorative pattern on the panels, it has been hydro dipped. There are more than 90 patterns in stock and most can have the base coat colour changed, resulting in endless options to create custom looks for just about anything.

“I have hydro dipped helmets, mugs, wine glasses, hard hats, rifle stocks, scopes, mailboxes, rims, visors, controllers, bows, and more. If it can fit in my tank and be submerged in water, I can dip it,” Kari-Lynn notes.

While the hydro dipping engages some of Kari-Lynn’s artistic side and allows her to provide something unique, the satisfaction of a job well done is why this family does what they do – seeing the transformation of a vehicle or item.

Another transformation can come from driver training, which is Dwayne’s passion. He’s the owner and instructor of Every Little Detail Driver Training and can easily understand when someone is struggling with new information or a skill. Dwayne grew up with learning difficulties, and now applies that personal experience to helping others find different ways to learn.

“He looks at things differently and understands when it’s hard to grasp complex information,” says Kari-Lynn. “He comes at teaching from different perspectives to help the student catch concepts and skills.”

Having driven logging trucks for many years, Dwayne is a truck lover and enjoys helping people realize the dream of earning their license to drive a rig or other vehicle.

For a car you can be proud of, the skills to drive it and customized items, Every Little Detail is ready to be part of your team.











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