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www.judyrusselldance.comJudy and her husband Bill, Owners of Enchainement Dance Centre, and family who helps to run the business.

A Growing Family-driven Production Business

Judy Russell grew up in a performance-related household so she was a natural to go into the industry, bringing her husband and sons with her. Enchainement Productions Inc. has grown to deliver outstanding performances to the community of Prince George from all angles.

“They were hobbiests,” Judy says of her parents. “They had other careers, but spent their free time with the performing arts.”

Judy’s mom was a dancer and dance teacher who came out of her retirement to help Judy establish her own dance studio.

What started out as a dance studio grew to add a dance shop, then came Judy Russell Presents (which produces and creates large theatrical events and ballet performances), the technical aspects, management of the Prince George Playhouse and now the ticketing business. In fact, under the umbrella of Enchainement Productions are six performance-related entities.

“It’s a busy time,” says Judy who also enjoys spending time with her three grandchildren. “Most of the recent changes in the business have been to allow our children to grow the business into what their dreams want it to be.”

“Most of the recent changes in the business have been to allow our children to grow the business into what their dreams want it to be.” Judy Russell

Judy and her husband Bill have three sons; two of them, Jonathan and Matt, have jumped into Enchainement Productions with their wives to create a true family and production-dedicated business.

“Jonathan is stepping up working side by side with his dad in Russell AV,” notes Judy. “His wife Nicole is a high-end dance teacher with lots of performance training and a fantastic brain for all this stuff.”

Matt manages the Prince George Playhouse and found the need to create a ticketing organization, so now also operates Central Interior Tickets which manages ticketing for the playhouse and the performances of the production company. His wife Anna is trained in dance and has a performing arts diploma from CCPA, so brings theatre and music to the team as well. She is currently training to become the next manager of Dance ‘N Things.

Speaking of the team, it’s not just family, though it may feel like one, that runs the activities of Enchainement Productions.

“There are a lot of employees. I’m proud to have had the opportunity to give people a lot of work,” Judy says. “A great deal of our staff I’ve trained myself. They’ve grown up here so they know the philosophy behind the business. They really bring a lot to the team.”

In the early years of the business, Judy felt she and Bill had the ability to turn their business into what they wanted and now it’s time to allow the next generation the space to do the same.

“We’d started something that became bigger than either of us were prepared for,” Judy says.” It became really important to us to maintain what we do.”

With the incorporation of at least four more family members into the Enchainement Productions team, there will be plenty of performances to come for Prince George.

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