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http://edge-dental.com/Dr. Sally Rassamenesh at her state of the art facility in North Vancouver


With a contemporary aesthetic, the newly opened EDGE Dental is the epitome of progressive dentistry, just as the name suggests, including a nod to its North Vancouver locale in Edgemont Village.

Dr. Sally Rassamanesh (DDS) has been practicing general dentistry in BC since 2003 and divides her time between EDGE Dental and SeRena Dental Centre in Delta, her first practice. In an effort to be closer to home and her family, she purchased Family Dental in the Village in 2014, and redesigned and rebranded it to EDGE Dental in May 2015.

Taking a progressive methodology to dentistry, Dr. Rassamanesh embraces change and appreciates that technology is forever advancing. She stays ahead of the curve by keeping current with the latest materials, equipment and research findings in modern dentistry.

“My ultimate goal is for our patients to be happy with both our work and how we make them feel.” — Owner/Dentist, Dr. Sally Rassamanesh, EDGE Dental

“Dentistry is not static, it’s always changing,” says Dr. Rassamanesh. “There are always advancements in the science and technology of dentistry. The materials and equipment are constantly improving and there are more efficient ways of doing treatments. We need to continue to learn and grow as dentistry grows.”

EDGE Dental is outfitted with brand new equipment and state-of-the-art technology, including a top-of-the-line sterilization system. A digital panorex machine produces clinically precise upper and lower jawX-rays, imaging excellence that helps catch potential dental problems in their earliest stages.

“Modern dentistry is all about prevention,” reveals Dr. Rassamanesh. “Don’t wait until you experience pain before you schedule a checkup. Pain means you need more advanced or complicated treatments that will be more costly in the long run.”

Together with a team of associates, Dr. Rassamanesh provides a wide range of services for superior oral health from preventive and restorative to cosmetic and surgical, which include: teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers, root canal therapy, mercury-free fillings, and Invisalign.

Relationship building holds significant importance to Dr. Rassamanesh, a quality she also instills in her team. You’ll receive a seamless transition from the reception area to the clinical elements of dentistry. “I’m most proud of my team without whom I couldn’t do this; we’re like family.”

Both practices employ a patient-focused model of care, ensuring everyone’s individual needs are met. “Over time even our patients become like family and we want to provide them with the utmost comfort while minimizing their anxiety,” says Dr. Rassamanesh.

SeRena Dental Centre and EDGE Dental are family-friendly practices where Dr. Rassamanesh attends to three generations of patients: grandparents, parents and kids. As a mother of two children aged four and six, she’s adept at treating kids.

“At age three we begin preventative work, cleaning, polishing, and fluoride treatment,” she says. “A child’s first visit should never be an emergency, otherwise they’ll always associate a bad, painful experience with the dentist.”

Maintaining patient trust is an important quality at both practices, which motivates Dr. Rassamanesh and her team to keep striving for and achieving excellence in dental care in a friendly and relaxing environment.

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