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Friends Rachel Dhansaw and Jon Gibson, two inspiring personalities behind Crossfit Dark Star in Prince George.

A Better Quality of Life through Fitness

Friends Rachel Dhansaw and Jon Gibson saw what CrossFit can do for overall health and decided to offer this unique, inclusive form of fitness to the residents of Prince George through their business CrossFit Dark Star. Their large open space offers all the equipment and training needed, but more than that, these workouts come complete with cheerleaders working out right next to you.

“Gyms can be intimidating,” Rachel says. “CrossFit is completely different. It’s the most supportive atmosphere you can put yourself in.”

All movements and exercises in CrossFit can be adapted to any fitness level or range of movement. Jon explains that each participant is assessed to gauge their fitness level and help them advance. Not only will CrossFit help them improve their strength, but it will also improve balance, endurance, flexibility and all 10 aspects of fitness.

“My dad does CrossFit, he’s in his 60s,” Jon says. “He’s seen such an improvement in all areas of his personal fitness and has even lowered his blood pressure and improved his functional strength. It’s giving him better quality of life.”

Both Rachel and Jon started on their CrossFit journey about four years ago. Jon had been playing hockey but was looking for the best way to stay fit. Rachel had been a trainer but wanted to take her fitness to the next level. Together they established their gym two years ago to provide what they call “functional fitness.”

“CrossFit is completely different. It’s the most supportive atmosphere you can put yourself in.” Rachel Dhansaw

Those unfamiliar with CrossFit might think it’s dangerous and Rachel says nothing could be farther from the truth.

“The more we get involved and learn about CrossFit and fitness in general, the more we find the importance of proper training, proper coaching and education of other people in fitness,” she says. “We have classes of 10 with a coach, so it’s a community environment but with someone there to help ensure everything is done right.”

Rachel and Jon have both had successes with CrossFit. Jon is a four-time CrossFit West Regional Athlete, having been ranked in the top in Canada for the last four years. Rachel approached CrossFit recreationally for overall fitness, but began training competitively a few months ago. She surprised herself to be among the top athletes in a four-week qualifier for the Can West Games which she subsequently places as high as 2nd and achieved an overall placing of 6th in eight events.

Because CrossFit combines elements from a number of types of fitness, it’s sustainable and improves mental strength as well. Jon says it will get you in the best shape possible as fast as possible because it combines a little bit of everything.

“That aspect is really important,” notes Rachel. “A CrossFit workout can be really taxing and you may want to stop, but with your community beside you helping you push through, you achieve more and that’s a huge boost for you mentally.”

Rachel and Jon believe that CrossFit is the number one fitness methodology in the world. Find out for yourself at CrossFit Dark Star.

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