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Advanced Technology for Northern Security Needs


Bringing new security technology north is the primary objective for Tony Curtis and Brian Bailey, co-owners of Curtis-Elite Security. They’ve made it their mission to see their company be based in the north and to service the north without any sacrifice on the equipment or security provided.

Tony started Curtis-Elite in 1998 when the big national companies were centralizing in Toronto or going south of the border.

“I saw it as a huge opportunity to invest in the north,” Tony says. “That’s when we put in our own central monitoring station, when other companies were taking local monitoring stations out. I couldn’t see how true security could be provided without being available to our customers 24/7 and keeping all of the expertise right here in Prince George.”

As a full-service security company, Curtis-Elite takes care of residential alarms and monitoring, commercial accounts, small- to high-end surveillance systems and on-site security patrols. Available 24/7, customer service and support are the highest priorities for the company.

“We put in our own central monitoring station when other companies were taking local monitoring stations out.” Tony Curtis

“We invite everyone to visit our showroom to see the latest security technologies first-hand,” Brian says. “Our friendly staff Denise, Sherry and Lucilla along with our sales reps Jason and Brenden will show you how advanced local security can be. We recently brought true live video verification to the north. Rather than watch video the next day of a break-in, our proactive solution sends live video of any intrusion through the cloud to our monitoring station and to our customer’s mobile devices simultaneously. This enables immediate, authoritative response and our customers can watch the intruders in their premises in real time and witness their arrests.”

Technical Director Paul Harford just brought another security first to Canada.

“It’s a special module that converts an old alarm system into the most sophisticated security system available,” says Paul. “There’s no need to throw out a perfectly good alarm system just because it communicates over an old-school phone line. With one of these modules an older system can communicate by internet or cellular, and our customers can use the Curtis-Elite app to enjoy complete remote control of their alarm system and enable amazing smart-home features.”

With the approach of Curtis-Elite Security, they could be a metropolis-based organization in a region much larger than Prince George.

“But I love the north,” Tony says. “The lakes, the rivers, it’s beautiful. I came up here to look around for a short period of time for work and I never left.”

That pride in community is something Tony, Brian and the team of more than 40 individuals stay focused on. They’ve supported the Prince George Humane Society by installing cameras into adoption rooms and piping in music. They also donate to the Cancer Society and to local minor hockey and other sports teams.

It’s actually easy to get the very best technology from a truly local company, when you’re a customer of Curtis-Elite Security.




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