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CSC Electric owner operator Clayton Scott at the work site.CSC Electric owner operator Clayton Scott at the work site.

First and foremost, CSC Electric Ltd. prides itself on providing high quality electrical work and upholding a high safety standard. With almost 200,000 work hours with no lost workdays, CSC Electric has built a reputation for its commitment to exceptional service in British Columbia mines, and for completing projects on time and on budget.

Clayton Scott, CSC Electric owner and operator, trained with master electricians to develop a well-rounded electrical background. After his training was complete, he founded in CSC Electric in 2001. Initially, CSC Electric provided commercial, industrial and residential electrical work, but in 2009 the company began to focus on the mining industry. By 2011, following a contract with New Gold’s New Afton underground gold mine and the Huldra silver mine near Merritt, CSC Electric began working exclusively in mining.

CSC Electric’s work with New Gold provided excellent training in mine construction, allowing CSC to continue with its mine offerings and move forward with new partnerships. This includes working with companies throughout British Columbia and across Canada.

Because CSC Electric is an Aboriginal company, it is sensitive to the needs of the First Nations people, often providing a bridge between local First Nations and mining companies. In 2011, CSC Electric participated in and sponsored the Aboriginal Trade Forum.

“We can provide employment opportunities in the areas we work,” says Sue Scott, CSC business partner. “We give back to the communities by providing jobs. When companies mine on band land, they make partnerships and we are sensitive to that and can be part of it. Not only are we able to work with the band, we understand the industry.”

Along with being known for its quality work and safety record, CSC Electric makes industry training a high priority, welcoming apprentices who go on to become journeymen while working with CSC Electric.

CSC Electric makes a point of giving back to the community, as evidenced by its donations to local organizations and sponsorship of local events, including the Kamloopa Powwow, the Howling Coyote Education Fund, the Kamloops Blazers, and the Merritt Speedway. The company also gives back to the industry, and was recognized in 2015 for its apprentice training by the Industry Training Association.

“We understand mining and complete construction projects on time and on budget. It’s what we are known for.”

In addition to the Industry Training Association recognition, CSC Electric was recognized in 2011 for being the top Aboriginal Business of the Year by the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce and was awarded the 2011 Aboriginal Business of the Year by the BC Aboriginal Business Awards.

“We’re confident in providing mine construction,” Sue says. “We understand mining and complete construction projects on time and on budget. It’s what we are known for. Our goal is to continue to be part of the mining industry as it develops.”

Although the company has branched out again into commercial and residential services, it remains focused on the mining industry, and continues its commitment to providing safe, high quality electrical work for mining companies in British Columbia and across Canada.

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