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Photo: Nina Hirvi, Registered Dietitian and Director, Clinical Service Integration and Dr. Beth Donaldson, Family Physician & Medical Director.

Copeman Healthcare has written a powerful prescription for healthcare success. The innovative and award-winning company has developed a collaborative, team-based approach that places a strong emphasis on personalized, prevention-focused care and cutting-edge technology.

Founded as a family-owned business, the Copeman team has grown to a full complement of 170 distinguished care providers including physicians, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, kinesiologists and Registered Dietitians. Teams work across four locations in B.C. and Alberta and service a roster of clients that has grown steadily since the doors first opened on November 21, 2005.

Although the last decade has welcomed many exciting advances in the delivery of medicine, some things — like the company’s core values — have remained largely unchanged. At the core of the Copeman philosophy is a steadfast desire to improve quality of life and deliver outstanding care. Since no two patients are the same, care must be personalized to the specific needs of each client. Medical expertise is delivered by a team of professionals who collaborate with the client’s best interests in mind to arrive at an optimal care plan.

“Simply put, prevention works,” says Les Jickling, Senior Director of Communications. “It’s the most powerful tool available to drive superior health outcomes and quality of life — and it’s never too late to start”.

“We pride ourselves on being proactive. We work with each of our clients to help them understand their individual risks; we develop prevention plans tailored to their specific needs and reach out to them on a regular basis to provide ongoing support and encouragement. Our goal is to put our clients on the path to optimal health and keep them there. That’s a powerful concept — seeing your care provider before you are ill”.

Copeman encourages its clients to focus on building resilience in physical, mental and brain health. While fundamentals such as sleep, exercise and nutrition can positively impact all three, targeted strategies to alleviate stress, anxiety and negative emotions can help with mental health and cognitive exercises can help stave off the onset of dementia.

Jickling draws a parallel between disease prevention and regular vehicle maintenance. Sometimes it is better to have a service check rather than wait until the engine light comes on.

“By taking care of yourself and maintaining your body, mind and brain in the same way that you might service your vehicle on a regular basis, it’s going to last you a lot longer and you’re going to get much more use out of it. Ironically, a lot of people take much better care of their vehicles than their own health”.

Copeman also places a premium on providing timely, professional and courteous service to each client — citing studies that have shown that better service results in superior health outcomes and clients that are more aware of their risks and personally invested in their health.

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