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copemanhealthcare.comDr. Beth Donaldson, Medical Director, Copeman Healthcare

Collaborative care model helps motivate work-life balance


Dr. Beth Donaldson need only consider her own challenge in achieving work-life balance to truly understand the value provided by Copeman Healthcare. She has worked for the private, primary care Centre for the past 11 years and currently serves as its Medical Director and strongest advocate.

“I’m passionate about this organization,” Dr. Donaldson says. “I’ve been here since day one. In fact, I was the first female physician and the first physician to take maternity leave.”

And through these experiences, she has learned firsthand how challenging it can be to have a demanding career and busy family life. It’s something she hears from her patients who often struggle with making healthy choices for themselves when they’re stretched for time and energy.

One of the ways Copeman helps with this struggle is to offer a collaborative care model where physicians and other health care experts such as dietitians, psychologists and family health nurses all work together under the same roof.


“We work together for the health of our clients bringing together every piece of the puzzle.” Dr. Beth Donaldson


“Clients don’t want to have to explain their situation over and over again to various caregivers – it adds to their stress levels and consumes their time – so we make every effort to ensure they don’t have to,” she notes.

“We’re very client-focused and this is demonstrated in our customization of care,” Dr. Donaldson says. “It’s about putting patient needs first. Collaboration is everything. We work together for the health of our clients, bringing together every piece of the puzzle – from complete lab diagnostics to nutrition and exercise.”

As Medical Director, Dr. Donaldson is not only tasked with taking care of her patients, she is also responsible for modeling a healthy and positive attitude for members of her collaborative care team.

“Physicians always want to do their best, it comes with the profession,” she says.

“I try to keep things light-hearted and fun. You have to let the team know that you’re only human. They’ve all seen me at my strongest, and my weakest. They see that I have to be efficient at work if I want to make it to my son’s hockey game, for example. It’s good for my health to have that family time and ultimately it makes me more productive when I come back to the office.”

She says that making her family a priority helps inspire others at Copeman to do the same. It’s difficult to provide the best in care to clients if care givers are not taking care of their own health too.

“I practice what I preach – to my clients and my team. I eat well, and work out every morning. And when I recommend this to my clients, I understand this is not easy to achieve. But in collaboration with a dietitian and kinesiologist, we’re able to offer realistic ways to integrate good health habits into the lives of our clients.”

With family health nurses and nurse practitioners working as the quarterbacks to bring client needs to the team, each client (and their family) has a compassionate voice championing personal issues.

“I’m so proud to work at Copeman Healthcare and of the care we provide. I’m blessed because Copeman allows for flexibility and holds our wellbeing in such high regard. The company understands that I care deeply for all my patients, so I’ll always give my best.”








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