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www.cnc.bc.caSteve Chase, Program Planner for the College of New Caledonia.

Designing Courses for Specialized Needs

The College of New Caledonia (CNC) serves professionals, career changers and career starters by providing education in business, management, health care, trades, technology, arts and sciences, general interest and more. Students come to CNC to get a fresh start or to make their futures brighter.

Steve Chase, Program Planner for the Community and Continuing Education department at CNC, helps build programs for a wide range of clients to fit the needs of both unemployed and underemployed individuals and helps them succeed as they move forward.

One of the department’s most recent projects included a transitional program offered in partnership with Correctional Services Canada to help 16 previously incarcerated individuals reintegrate into society.

“They came ready to invest and take advantage of this opportunity,” Steve says of the participants. “It was exciting to see the way doors opened for these individuals. There was a great response from the CNC community.”

“Our department offers a wide range of high quality programming options in some of today’s fastest growing career fields.” Steve Chase


The program for these individuals included general life-skills such as health and safety, financial aid and resume creation. The goal is to create programs for groups based on their unique needs from trade or industry-specific courses to generic skills needed for life improvement.

In the 2015-2016 year, the Community and Continuing Education department ran a number of life changing courses for individuals who haven’t graduated from high school, who work less than 20 hours a week or who are not eligible for Employment Insurance. Some of this year’s successful programming includes Construction Industry Training, Working in Natural Gas, Reintegration Industry Readiness Training Program, Aboriginals in Trades Training and Heavy Equipment Operator Training.

“Four of the reintegration participants have already been funded into trades programs,” Steve notes. “They are on their way to being millwrights, welders, carpenters, social workers, admin assistants and more. Six individuals have found full time work.”

The program introduced these individuals to job training and interpersonal skills while equipping them with industry recognized certificates. The funding also created two spots for graduates of the program to take one of CNC’s Foundation Trades Training programs.

With flexible course schedules and program offerings across a number of campuses, CNC serves the full demographic of Northern BC. As Steve explains, because of the smaller size of the community and interconnectedness, the college is flexible and responsive making it possible to meet the needs of the region.

“Our department offers a wide range of high quality programming options in some of today’s fastest growing career fields,” he says. “Our experienced instructors help students reach their educational goals through hands-on personalized instruction.”

“We believe in connecting with community organizations whether on their site or at the college to help them with their training needs,” Steve adds. “We can help with pre-existing courses, like safety courses, or can custom build something to fit their needs.”

Going back to school isn’t always about picking up a course calendar and making a choice. Sometimes, it’s about being part of a group that has the ideal program created for them at The College of New Caledonia.








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