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The team at Capri Insurance brings in decades of experience and genuine desire to share the true value in insurance.

A Full-service Agency with a Focus on Northern Commercial Needs


Don Gaboury knows people don’t love buying insurance. His goal isn’t to make them fall in love with it, but to ensure they see the value when they work with Capri Insurance. Capri offers all personal lines of insurance as well as all commercial and bonding needs.

About a year ago, Don and his partner Jason Blackman brought their firm together with Capri Insurance and are one of the larger independent brokerages north of Vancouver. It gives this office – which has been part of Prince George for more than 60 years – greater flexibility, but the same focused service.

“We talk to our clients to get to know their needs so we can adjust things with them,” Don says. “It’s just as important for them to know what coverage they have as it is to know what coverage they don’t have. Then they can be comfortable with their decisions.”

It’s about educating customers on the basics of their insurance needs. The primary clients of Capri are resource industry-based contractors who have more on their mind than insurance coverage. Don and the Capri team work to provide the right amount of information so the process each year is easier.

“One bad insurance decision can change all that, and that’s what we want to prevent.” Don Gaboury


“We can deal with our clients or their staff whether they are on the road or anywhere else,” Don says. “It’s the difference we experience in the north. We’re spread out, smaller, more remote communities and some of our clients are nine hours away. I want to make sure our process is effective and efficient.”

Most insurance companies are large conglomerates that make the client adjust to their systems. The team at Capri tries to adapt their process to the client, their needs and expertise.

“During the year, if something changes, they can call and make sure their insurance is still right for them,” says Don. “It’s one thing for a client to lose a $5,000 tool, but when it comes to liability, that’s the place you really want to be sure you’re covered. Our clients have worked all their lives to build up their companies, their equity and their livelihoods. One bad insurance decision can change all that, and that’s what we want to prevent.”

Don wants the team at Capri to be seen as advisors. It isn’t about buying and selling insurance as much as it’s about creating relationships to minimize risk and provide the right coverage.


The close to 20 staff at Capri are a tight-knit group that brings their own passion to the mix. That means support and sponsorship of a wide-range of activities in the community.

“We tend to focus on what our employees are involved in,” Don says. “Whether that means time or money or helping to create awareness.”

It’s a win/win for the community because staff bring forward what they are passionate about and fellow Capri Insurance team members jump on board to support the causes.

Decades of experience and a genuine desire to share the true value in insurance; the team at Capri Insurance is ready for your needs.





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