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Cam Sherk, Notary Public.Cam Sherk, Notary Public. Photo by David Fournier.

Being the best at what you do, often means doing what you like to do best.

For Cam Sherk, the solution is in providing people with the various noncontentious legal services that a Notary Public in our province is qualified to render.

Sherk opened Cam Sherk Notary Public in 2011 to provide professional Notary services to the people who live in the Squamish and Sea to Sky communities.

“We are a small local business and very accessible to our clients,” Sherk says. “We take the time to listen to people, to learn about what they need and how we can assist them through our Notarial knowledge and experience.”

Although he specializes in real estate transactions – representing buyers and sellers as well as mortgage borrowers and lenders – Sherk also prepares personal planning documents such as wills, powers of attorney, representation agreements, and advance health care directives. Other services include estate planning, document certification, mediation, and much more.

In his chosen career, Sherk is following in the family tradition. His father Ken Sherk is a well-respected Notary in West Vancouver who has served as both a Director and the President of The Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia.

“I grew up around the Notary business and have always been interested in the field,” says Sherk. “I started working in my dad’s office when I was 16. That helped pay my way through university.”

Sherk holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Master of Arts degree in Applied Legal Studies (MA ALS), both from Simon Fraser University.

“We make an effort to provide personalized service to our clients.”

The MA ALS program forms part of the extensive legal education of BC Notaries, highly trained professionals who are known for providing caring personal service in the Notary’s “Tradition of Trust.”

“I am working in the field of my choice and really enjoy helping people with their property transactions and some of their other legal needs and concerns,” he said. “We offer excellent value to our clients. At some point, everyone will need the services of a BC Notary. We are here to help them.”

Sherk is working in the profession and the community he loves. It doesn’t get better than that.

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