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For more information, call Amherst Funeral and Cremation Services at 604-568-8112 or visit www.amherstcremation.comPhoto: Amherst’s founder, Scott McFarlane and co-owner Christian Natadiredja (centre), with their team of directors and counselors: Ersilio Iacuitto, Laura Todd, Juliana Ho and Billy Chiew.

Most of us don’t want to talk about death or dying. It’s a time in life that is wrought with emotion, stress and sadness. Additionally, when it’s time to lay your loved one to rest too often people are hit with expenses they didn’t realize they would have to pay for.


In the midst of grief, Amherst Funeral and Cremation Services is there to help.


As a wholly Canadian owned and operated independent company, it was founded on a belief that they could still offer quality funeral services to all at affordable prices — without forfeiting compassion, respect and dignity for both the families and their deceased loved ones.


“We offer genuine care and respect without the high costs often associated with funerals,” says owner Scott McFarlane. “Every one of our employees lives by that mission. It’s simply the right thing to do.”


Founded in 2008 by McFarlane, a licensed funeral director with more than 30 years in the industry, he sees his business as a vocation of caring for people at one of life’s most difficult moments in a cost-effective way. With a dedicated staff and an array of services, Amherst Funeral and Cremation Services has built a reputation for offering superior funeral arrangements.


McFarlane was motivated to open Amherst because he felt there was a better and more respectful way to help families make funeral arrangements.


Amherst is committed to providing compassionate and thoughtful service to all the families that come to them in their time of need. It has earned the company numerous awards for best funeral home and best in the city by a number of local publications.


So how does one prepare for this eventuality? McFarlane says you can make it so much easier for grieving family and friends if you record your wishes ahead of the need.

“When this is done it relieves the family of additional stress as to what type of service you want,” he adds. “A prearranged funeral allows for all the necessary information to be recorded that will be required at the time of death.”


By pre-arranging your funeral, you let your family know exactly what type of service you wish for including the important details such as funeral or memorial, disposition (cremation or burial), casket, urn, scattering or burial of ashes as well as memorial items.


In order to keep costs down, Amherst collaborates with the city-owned Mountain View Cemetery’s Celebration Hall for funeral and memorial services. “For the value, it’s a gorgeous facility and a perfect location, with the option for catered receptions following events and services,” he adds.


When the time comes, discover the surprising difference compassionate and personalized services, with no hidden fees, no hassle and no pressure, can be. For more information, call Amherst Funeral and Cremation Services at 604-568-8112 or visit Amherst serves the entire Lower Mainland and beyond. They are conveniently located at #1209-207 West Hastings, Vancouver.


For all that they do, Amherst gets a nod of excellence.

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