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Adele Campbell Gallery co-owner Elizabeth Harris.Gallery co-owner Elizabeth Harris. Photo by David Buzzard.

Adele Campbell Gallery has been instrumental in developing Canadian artists since 1992.

Today, the Whistler gallery represents many of Canada’s best contemporary artists, making it the first choice of local, national and international art collectors.

The gallery has earned a reputation of excellence throughout Canada and abroad, not only for its art selection, but its client service. The foundation of Adele Campbell Gallery’s success is in its mission statement: connecting through the power of art.

“Something we always say to our clients when they’re choosing a piece is that it should spark a ‘connection’ of some kind,” says gallery co-owner Elizabeth Harris. “It has to evoke a feeling, a memory, take you back to a time or place. And that’s different for everyone. Then, of course, you consider if it’s investment worthy, is it something you can pass on to your children.”

The Adele Campbell Gallery prides itself in providing art lovers with attainable investment pieces. “You won’t typically find $50,000 paintings in our gallery. What you will find are artists who are serious, devoted to their craft and are nationally and internationally known,” says Harris.

To help clients decide on an acquisition, the gallery’s owners will personally take art to the homes of clients living in Whistler, Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. They’ll ship art across the country and worldwide. If a client doesn’t like a piece all they have to do is send it back.

Harris and business partner, Michelle Kirkegaard, are committed to ensuring complete client satisfaction. If a client is looking for a particular piece, the team at Adele Campbell Gallery will source it or commission it. Clients interested in specific artists receive regular updates about new works and exhibits. And to further strengthen that connection, the gallery hosts solo exhibits regularly throughout the winter and summer to bring artists and art lovers together.

Both Harris and Kirkegaard are passionate about nurturing talent, a process that can begin very early in an artist’s career.

“We’ve maintained a lot of our artists for more than 20 years. One of our artists, Cameron Bird, started with us when he was 17 years old, and he’s still with us 20 years later,” says Harris.

The gallery has also launched the careers of many renowned B.C. artists, including Laura Harris and Paul Paquette. To keep vital, Adele Campbell Gallery also seeks out established artists from other regions of Canada that are looking to make a move West. That includes talent like Angela Morgan and David Langevin as well as burgeoning artists such as Mike Svob and Rod Charlesworth, whose careers the gallery has long been nurturing. The team is always on the look out for exciting, emerging talent, annually choosing one or two from the more than 200 artists submissions it receives.

“Something we always say to our clients when they’re choosing a piece is that it should spark a ‘connection’ of some kind.”

As the artists it represents have matured, so has the gallery. In 2010, it moved into the Shops at the Westin Resort & Spa, a welcoming, beautiful space, with abundant natural light and room to house its extensive and diverse collection.

“Originally, we focused more on landscape-based artists, but we’ve evolved. We have more of a contemporary feel now,” says Harris. “We’ve shifted towards a balance of landscapes, abstracts, sculpture and we recently added our first photographer, Blake Jorgenson.”

The calibre of art and diversity of forms it represents have earned the gallery its reputation for promoting excellence in Canadian art. And warm, professional service and commitment has created lifelong connections with its clients, connections that help bring more art into more lives.

The team at Adele Campbell Gallery invites you to visit and make your connection to the power of Canadian art.

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